Monday, October 27, 2014


The most recent development to my life is that I've decided to bleach my hair white.

Hello again to you!  It has definitely been a while.  I've written up a couple of posts over the past weeks and just wasn't inspired to post them, which in part contributed to my radio silence.  I just felt un-inspired and all around just not in love with the ideas I was coming up with, which is why I thought I'd just make up this little hair mood board for what I've been thinking about recently.

I work at a salon, so I'll be able to get my hair done for cheaper than normal and I'll also be a part of the training of some of my lovely co-workers.  I've been thinking of a cool-toned white, which I know will damage the bejeebus out of my hair, but I'm ready for it.  I enjoyed having my natural hair color for the past year, but suddenly I just wanted another hair change.  Especially since I have access to having it done professionally!  So that'll be exciting.  I think it'll happen sometime next month, so I'll make sure to post photos (of course).

Other than that?  I've been el suprimo un inspired in terms of my art.  I've had long conversations with Brian about it, though, and he just told me to draw and create what always comes easy to me: fan art.  That way, maybe I could even sell some stuff as well as getting back in to the art making groove.  By creating fan works, I don't have to focus on creating an entirely new concept, I can draw from ideas that already exist while stretching my conceptual and compositional muscles.  So hopefully, I'll produce some work soon enough.  I've watched two episodes of Peaky Blinders, Netflix's new original series with Cillian Murphy, and it's alright.  I just really like Cillian Murphy, if I'm honest, so I'm just going to draw him a bunch and maybe make a screen print.  It'll be good.

I've also picked the bass back up, but not in any exciting way.  Brian introduced me to the Pixies, and I've been listening to them a lot.  They have some really good bass lines that are reasonably simple to learn, so I've been playing a couple of those.  Maybe I'll create some music at some point.

Work has been good.  It's super strange to be working full time, if I'm honest.  This is the first time this has ever been a thing for me, so it feel super weird but also awesome?  I just feel all adult and strange but also totally ready for it.  Either way, it's satisfying to work and then use that money to pay my own bills.  ADULT STUFF.

I should be putting up an outfit post or two soon.  EShakti sent me a great dress for me to review, so I'm planning on putting up a post about that soon.  It's just been hard to find time to take good photos of myself in said dress, especially since it's been cold here in Buffalo and I work 6 out of 7 days a week.  Brian said he would take photos of me soon, so maybe the first weekend in November.  Halloween weekend is going to be super busy, since it's mine and Brian's one year anniversary!  I can't believe we've been together for a year, but at the same time it feels like it's been forever (in a good way).  Maybe I'll make a nice post about it on sunday.  I also can't wait to share some photos of my halloween costume(s?).  

Happy updates!