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Hi everyone!

When I was out in the city the other day, I stopped in to a shop or two.  I just couldn't resist!

First, I went to e.l.f.  I have a whole set of e.l.f brushes, but I had never really delved in to their actual makeup much.  I have their eye primer and some lip stain, but neither were super exciting.  However, when I went in to the shop, I definitely saw a couple of things I could see myself owning.

While there were many things I considered purchasing (they're so cheap!), I ended up buying the Baked Blush in Passion Pink, the Baked Highlighter in moonlight pearl, a Kohl Eyeliner in Black, and a Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose.

Left, Baked Highlighter in moonlight pearl // Right, Baked Blush in Passion Pink

Left, Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose // Right, Kohl Eyeliner in Black

I purchased these items because I don't have anything like them!  While I own blush, I don't own a baked, shimmery one like this.  The color in the swatch looks a little light, but when I tested it at the store it looked complete different.  I think the trick is to build while first using it, and when you end up using a bit, the color comes out of the pan much more easily.  The highlighter is such a lovely light shimmer, I can't wait to use it!

The lip color and eyeliner are also two things I don't have anything like!  I've been wanting a more neutral pink lip color for a while, but have had trouble finding one.  Recently I have been going back through Katie's Beauty Blog and seeing what lip color she wears.  She has light skin and blonde hair (like I do) and she always wears a more blue tinted pink lip.  I picked out this lip color because it seemed like a better shade then the pink lipstick I currently own.  Along with that, you can apply a lot for a bold defined look, or just a light coating and smudge it with your finger for a neat tint!  I showed both in the swatch above.

The same goes for the Kohl Eyeliner!  I think this will be perfect for a smokey eye.  Since my Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl pencil ran out (basically), I thought I could do with a new one.  The pencil is a bit harsh, so I probably wouldn't use this for my waterline, but it will be good for both the upper and lower lash line to contrast my normal sharp winged eyeliner.  The Kohl liner also comes with a little smudge sponge at the other end of the stick, and a built in sharpener in the cap!  I'm a little afraid of cutting myself on the sharpener, though, since it's not really closed off.  Guess I won't be throwing this in to my make up bag.

The Physician's Formula compacts both come with a mirror and brush compartment under their pans for on the go touch ups!  However, the brushes are both somewhat scratchy, so I doubt I'd use them.  The compacts are useful, however!

Next up, I popped in to Duane Reade so my friend could grab a chapstick.  I wanted to show him what a bargain e.l.f. had been, though, so I showed him the makeup isle.  While there, I found the bargain bin!  All three items above were on sale for $2!  That's a super bargain in my opinion, especially since the Physician's Formula items usually run from $10 to $15!!

The three things I purchased were the Physician's Formula Multi-Colored Blush in Blushing Nude, and the Glow & Mood Brigtening Powder Light Bronzer.  I also got Revlon's diamond lust in 100 Celestial Silver.

Left to Right, Physician's Formula blush in Blushing Nude, bronzer in Light Bronzer, Revlon's diamond lust in Celestial Silver.

Both the blush and bronzer were a little light for my taste, but at the same time, I don't own really nude colors like this (in either category).  And how could you go wrong for only $2 each?  The blush may even be a little light for me.  Revlon's diamond lust, on the other hand, is very glittery and lovely.  I can't wait to wear this on a night out!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my purchases!  I hope to do a review on all the products I've been recently using/buying, so keep an eye out for that.  I also am going to do a "Christmas Break Haul" video on my youtube in a week or two, showing all the beauty items I bought over the break!


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