Thursday, March 6, 2014


I recently re-watched Stoker and was struck yet again by how amazing the cinematography is.  I have lots of thoughts on the acting, story, and other ideas talked about in the film but the cinematography is my first love.  I think I'll make a post talking about all the other ideas I loved, but I tried to keep this one relatively spoiler free (whereas the other will not).

Blue and Yellow are strikingly important in the tone of this film, something which I didn't realize until I started to look at these screenshots.  For example, when India is fantasizing about Charlie, the colors are extremely yellow, but as she wakes from her dream, the colors transition back to blue.  Charlie's representation also transitions from blue to yellow as well (or yellow to blue, if you look at it that way).  Super interesting!  I love when films pay attention to color pallets (cough Pacific Rim cough).

No post about Stoker on my blog would be complete without a video of my favorite scene, however.  The piano scene with India and Charlie was, by far, one of the most striking out of many striking scenes within the entire film.  I couldn't get it out of my head after, and listened to the piano duet quite a bit for weeks after the first time I saw it.  Make sure to watch in full screen and HD!

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments of cinematography with my lovely blog, along with being able to keep examples of amazing cinematography in one place.  I'll let the images do the talking, though.  Enjoy!


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