Monday, March 17, 2014


Greetings!  I've had a lovely spring break so far, but I have been lacking on my usual posting scheme, so I thought I'd just let you in on a couple of articles and videos I've been loving recently.  These, of course, have no rhyme and reason, so enjoy the wide range of actives I get up to on the internet!

A super cool article on how Wes Anderson's characters only move on the horizontal or vertical plane, never diagonally.  I'm so hyped to see The Grand Budapest Hotel!
A very sweet and heartfelt letter from a father to his daughter.
I've bitten the bullet and finally started watching Mad Men again!  I started a while ago and just didn't get hooked, but I started again since I was done catching up with Elementary (also another fantastic show) and now I am totally hooked.  Hopefully I don't get bored like I've heard a lot of people did towards season three. 

An amazing look at intimacy between two human beings. 
A perfect way to reflect on your day and place in the world.
I've just been loving the Free People blog recently!

VIDEO // Grizzly Bear Caught On Camera by KickThePJ
One of my favorite youtubers.  Never fails to cheer me up with his amazing & hilarious video ideas.
Absolutely obsessed with Into Mind's wardrobe building posts recently.  I'm planning on doing a post about building my own wardrobe soon.
GENERAL // Wardrobe Planning
After discovering Into Mind's blog, I've been thinking a lot about refining my personal style and creating a definitive wardrobe where I can pull out any item and love it.  It'll definitely take a little while, but now that I've thought about it, I know what I'm looking for.  With the help of pinterest, the journey has been a little easier.
I hoped you liked that little peek in to what I've been enjoying recently!  I think I may just go and watch more Mad Men now....


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