Monday, February 29, 2016

#12LISTS2016 // 1

Why did I stop doing this?  Life got crazy, and I just didn't want to blog anymore.  I've been really struggling with inspiration recently, so let's see where this goes.  I missed January's list, so here's some pseudo-resolutions, comin' at you this February.

  • I want to read more this year, and really take time to become involved in reading.  I've already started a feminist book club with some friends from work, so here's hoping!
  • I want to create this year.  This damn art block has gone on for too long.  I want to draw and make and write and get out of my funk and stop feeling bad when people ask me what I've been doing.
  • I want to start doing yoga almost every day, and maybe add in a cardio element.  Running or swimming maybe?  I should just try yoga first, though.  It shouldn't be as hard as it feels!  I always feel really good after a short session, so why is it so hard to roll out the mat on a daily basis?
  • I want to do more things.  I want to go out on walks, talk with strangers, make new friends, go on a trip.  
  • I want to spend less money, and be happier with what I have.  I have a lot.  I need to realize that.
  • I want to learn to play an instrument.  I just found some "drumming without drums" videos on youtube.  Hah.