Saturday, November 15, 2014


I have to say, I was pretty dang proud of my mini travel wardrobe for my California trip at the end of September.  I was going to write a whole post about what I packed, but it wasn't really jiving.  The way I was writing it and the way the photos were taken just didn't seem very interesting to me, and now it's kind of too late to post about it in that way!

I was really pleased that everything I brought fit in my carry on duffel and a big purse (that broke on the return trip).  I was satisfied with my outfits the entire time, which was such a nice feeling.  And I was there for 6 days!  I just wore each shirt twice and also borrowed a black shirt my mom brought because it was so nice (and it got to the point where I had wished I had brought just one more shirt).

What did I bring?

Grey Crop Top // H&M
Black & White Striped Top // H&M
Button-Down Fish Shirt // Target
Red & White Striped Top // Zara
Black Cropped Cardigan // The Woman Within
Pleather Jacket // 579
Black Circle Skirt // Heart of Haute
Red Dress // Le Bomb Shop
Disco Pants // American Apparel

Red T-Strap Heels // Kelly & Katie (DSW)
Electric Blue Chuck Taylors // Converse
Gladiator Sandals // Michael Antonio (DSW)

I want to go back so badly!  Maybe one day, with Brian.  San Francisco was so lovely, and I only saw about 5% of it.  The trip is such a fond memory now.  I had such an absolutely amazing time.  I've never been on a better trip in my entire life.  

Monday, November 10, 2014


I have been absolutely obsessed with berry lips recently - Brian calls them pinks or reds.  He doesn't get it.

Pre-curl comb out for halloween.  You can also see my makeup a lot better here than in the later photos.  I was really pleased with the way my eyes came out - maybe I'll try the look on a "normal" day?

 Tell me about it, stud.

 If you can't tell, I was Sandy from Grease for Halloween.

 Why do "weird" faces always look great??  Don't get it.

 Who says you can't take bathroom selfies??  Also I got this lipcolor by wiping off my berry lip, but I need to find a legit way of getting berry stained lips.  Love it.
 I've been trying a lot more new makeup looks recently, just in the terms of different eyeshadow colors or darker color combos.  You can really get away with almost anything when you wear glasses, as looks aren't as intense. 

I've just been really enjoying taking selfies recently.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


This is something I wore to work a couple of weeks ago.  I grabbed my camera and, for the first time, attempted to take my own outfit photos.  While I was taking the photos, it was a disaster.  I hated all the poses I was pulling, I didn't like how my face looked, and I was just generally unhappy.  I then took some more photos about a week later to apply for Un-Fancy's guest blogger position (the contest is closed, but the post is here) and looked at these photos again.  Suddenly, they weren't so bad!  Goes to show you that it's always better to put away a project and then come back to look at it another time.  Fresh eyes do wonders!

My workplace is generally causal with a touch of buisness-casual for the dress code.  It was a bit of a shift for me, but a welcome one.  I had wanted an excuse to freshen up the way I had dressed for a while, and this was the perfect one!  The big change was not being able to wear color; we're only allowed to wear black, white, and grey.  Before, I would wear a lot of black but would always add a pop of color somewhere (usually red).  I need to get a couple more colorful accessories!

I also feel like I've explained my workplace dress code at least three times on this blog so far.  Augh!  I have this thing where I expect no one who is reading these posts to actually have read any previously, so I need to explain ideas like they're new every time.  Maybe I should stop doing that and just start linking to older posts to explain? 

// What I'm Wearing

Jcpenny (about 5 years ago) // TOP
No idea.  My mom got this for me at least 3 years ago // SKIRT
American Apparel // SOCKS

Monday, October 27, 2014


The most recent development to my life is that I've decided to bleach my hair white.

Hello again to you!  It has definitely been a while.  I've written up a couple of posts over the past weeks and just wasn't inspired to post them, which in part contributed to my radio silence.  I just felt un-inspired and all around just not in love with the ideas I was coming up with, which is why I thought I'd just make up this little hair mood board for what I've been thinking about recently.

I work at a salon, so I'll be able to get my hair done for cheaper than normal and I'll also be a part of the training of some of my lovely co-workers.  I've been thinking of a cool-toned white, which I know will damage the bejeebus out of my hair, but I'm ready for it.  I enjoyed having my natural hair color for the past year, but suddenly I just wanted another hair change.  Especially since I have access to having it done professionally!  So that'll be exciting.  I think it'll happen sometime next month, so I'll make sure to post photos (of course).

Other than that?  I've been el suprimo un inspired in terms of my art.  I've had long conversations with Brian about it, though, and he just told me to draw and create what always comes easy to me: fan art.  That way, maybe I could even sell some stuff as well as getting back in to the art making groove.  By creating fan works, I don't have to focus on creating an entirely new concept, I can draw from ideas that already exist while stretching my conceptual and compositional muscles.  So hopefully, I'll produce some work soon enough.  I've watched two episodes of Peaky Blinders, Netflix's new original series with Cillian Murphy, and it's alright.  I just really like Cillian Murphy, if I'm honest, so I'm just going to draw him a bunch and maybe make a screen print.  It'll be good.

I've also picked the bass back up, but not in any exciting way.  Brian introduced me to the Pixies, and I've been listening to them a lot.  They have some really good bass lines that are reasonably simple to learn, so I've been playing a couple of those.  Maybe I'll create some music at some point.

Work has been good.  It's super strange to be working full time, if I'm honest.  This is the first time this has ever been a thing for me, so it feel super weird but also awesome?  I just feel all adult and strange but also totally ready for it.  Either way, it's satisfying to work and then use that money to pay my own bills.  ADULT STUFF.

I should be putting up an outfit post or two soon.  EShakti sent me a great dress for me to review, so I'm planning on putting up a post about that soon.  It's just been hard to find time to take good photos of myself in said dress, especially since it's been cold here in Buffalo and I work 6 out of 7 days a week.  Brian said he would take photos of me soon, so maybe the first weekend in November.  Halloween weekend is going to be super busy, since it's mine and Brian's one year anniversary!  I can't believe we've been together for a year, but at the same time it feels like it's been forever (in a good way).  Maybe I'll make a nice post about it on sunday.  I also can't wait to share some photos of my halloween costume(s?).  

Happy updates! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I can't believe I finally have a pair!

I've wanted a pair of Dr. Marten's for absolutely ages, but would always talk myself out of buying them!  Finally, with my new job, I needed a pair of shoes that were comfortable and were my style, but also fit in with the work dress code.  My parents also had said they would buy me one big christmas gift from last year, of which I hadn't "redeemed" yet.  A match made in heaven? 

I've worn them one day and my feet and legs ached awfully, but I can't wait for them to be completely broken in.   I may buy a pair of 1461s at some point, but these 1460s should satisfy my Dr. Marten's urge for some time.  I love them!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


(Do you like my rack?)

A 30-ish Piece Capsule Wardrobe for Fall/Winter // An Example

It's strange actually attempting this concept again, since every other time I would try it I would get stuck.  I realize now, though, that what I was getting tuck on was trying to think about my ideal capsule wardrobe in the terms of 'what do I already have? how can I fill in the gaps?' when I should have been thinking 'what's the best combination of items, no matter if I own them or not?'

When thinking along those lines, I realized that I don't actually really love a lot of the pieces I have.  A lot of them are just place holders right now until I can get something "better," by which I mean an item in a different style, fit,  or fabric (usually).  Not the best realization to come to!  It's a problem I've always had because I, like many other people, do not have access to an unlimited income with which to buy clothes whenever my heart desires.  I always wonder when getting rid of clothing if I will want this item in the future, be it because I'll fit in to it again or my style may change back.  However, by starting to think about what I really want in my closet, I was able to make an un-biased list, so to speak.  

I took a good, hard look at the clothes I currently have hanging on my wardrobe rack.  These are the clothes I reach for more often than not, and are all clothing I consider stuff I really enjoy wearing.  Not all of these, however, fit in to what I like to think of as my "ideal wardrobe."  Now that I've graduated college, I want to shift away ever so slightly from t-shirts, for example.  I have a lot of t-shirts, and all of them have the dreaded crew neck that I'm not a big fan of.  Why should those be on my clothing rack if I don't love them 100%?

(If you were wondering, I went through a huge band phase in high school.  I still have almost all of the T-shirts bought during that time, all of which are band shirts.  I've weeded a lot of them out and put the ones I don't like in storage, but some are so nice!  Hard life for a "grown up" pop-punk fan.)

Those clothes on the rack do at least one thing: help me realize what sorts of cuts and colors I enjoy.  The outfits I create are usually mostly basics with one or two statement pieces.  By basics, I mean I own a lot of black.  By statement pieces, I mean I wear a lot of red, and enjoy patterns quite a bit.  This enables me to think about outfit building, and wardrobe building, along the lines of "statement pieces" and "basic pieces."  INTO-MIND has a great post about method dressing here, and I realized after reading the article that the way I dress is a mix of basics&statements and modular dressing.  My outfits are usually a neutral and a statement item, but I also want a balanced wardrobe where all my tops go with my bottoms, etc.

Now, down to the nitty gritty.  My neutral items are mostly black, but I do like grey and would like to add a couple of grey items.  My statement and regular color choices kind of mix together, which always confused me a bit when I tried to think about my wardrobe in the way that the internet has been loving recently.  All I know is that I love red, and I also really like a sort of navy/midnight blue.  Maroon is also good (though that's kind of red, isn't it?).  Other than that, I don't really gravitate towards any other colors.  I love purple, but the purple shirt I own gets almost no wear time, which if I'm honest with myself is probably due to the cut.  I don't like earthy colors (orange, yellow, green, brown) or lighter, pale colors (white, ivory, cream, pale pink or blue).  Dark and bold colors stand out against my pale, cool-toned skin and make me feel a lot more striking and a lot less like a washed out photograph.  I'm just lucky that society's "normal" bold lip color is red, or I'd be lost.  Not that that really matters, since I've been eyeing up OOC's bright pastel blue lip tar.  Who cares if it makes me look like I've died!?

Another thing I noticed were just a few "ideas" about the clothes I wear.  I have to have cotton tops or I die, because I overheat very easily.  Long sleeves and turtlenecks are no-nos for the same reason.  I like to layer sweaters because of the overheating because I can take them off and then put them back when necessary.  I always put comfort over a lot of things, so clothes can't be high maintenance.  I hate when skirts or dresses flip up in the wind!  If they do that, they're not worth it, especially in windy Buffalo.  I also have very picky feet, which is why a shoe purchase is so important to me.  I've wasted so much money in the past making hasty shoe purchases, only to not be able to wear them because they're uncomfortable!  There's nothing worse than hurting feet, so flat shoes are pretty much an every day item for me.  I love heels, but they have to be between two to three inches.  I hate kitten heels, but then if the heels are higher than 3" I'm suddenly over six feet tall!  Also why wear super tall heels (and be uncomfortable) if there's no need?

(By that, I really mean I can't and don't want to wear those 6" platform heels that are so in right now.  Like, dang, I know they make your legs look amazing but I don't feel like being 6'4" or breaking my ankle.  Nah.  For those who do wear them, though, dang.  Mad props.)

Finally, with all this self reflection in mind, I put together my Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe concept.  Some of these items I have, and some I don't.  After this list was finished as well, I realized that some pieces I own aren't included, but they're the type I'm never going to get rid of.  I know that goes against the whole idea of the thing, but they're all investment statement pieces, which should be my middle name as that's almost my whole wardrobe as of now, oops (see: American Apparel Disco Pants, Modcloth's Lady Love Song Dress, Drive Jacket, I can go on).  Either way, it was super fun putting this list together, and it really helped me reflect on what I really want to look like.

At the top of each section, I listed the proportions, themes, or just general items I don't like applying to that type of clothing item.  These were drawn from just general aesthetic enjoyment or past experience.  The items with a star (*) next to them are items I already own, or are on the way.  The items in italics at the bottom of the list are items that are part of my spring/summer wardrobe that can apply to fall but probably won't be worn as much as the other items on the list, therefore they don't get to be a part of the overall count.  I enjoy having my wardrobes work for me almost the whole year with only a couple of new or stored pieces, so layering is my best friend.  Because of this, I can include things like cami tops in my winter wardrobe since I plan on layering them under other tops.

So that's that!  I realize that this is just a giant post ranting about my trials in finding an entire wardrobe of clothing I love.  Isn't it strange how the internet is in love with this concept and I've wanted to do this for forever?  I've always had the feeling of wanting to par down my wardrobe and that I owned too much stuff I didn't really like.  Life is too short to wear clothes you only like!!

// tops (9)

Don't like // long sleeves, turtlenecks, crew necks, non-breathing fabrics, see through fabrics, too loose items, boob pockets
Do like // short or 3/4 length sleeves, wide/boat/scoop necks, cotton/silk

black boat neck/3/4 sleeves* needs to be replaced soon
black boat/scoop neck
grey shirt (longsleeve with navy&white polkadot elbow patches)*
red shirt
blue shirt (silk?)
white fish patterned button down* just bought this weekend, I love it.
red&white striped boatneck*
white&black striped boat neck/three-quarter sleeve*
black&white striped boat neck/three-quarter sleeve tunic top*
black cami*

Thinking About // The Cotton U-Neck , Everlane // Woman's Supina Cotton Crew Neck 3/4 Sleeve , Uniqlo 

// bottoms (7)

Don't like // loose around the butt and thighs, waist hitting right below belly button (high-rise style), mini skirts
Do like // starts at natural waist

disco pants*
high waisted blue jeans
black jeans*
black circle skirt* just ordered!
navy polkadot circle skirt*
midnight blue pencil skirt
skinny black trouser 
red maxi*
high-waisted jean shorts*

Thinking About // Mandle Bee Circle Skirt , Heart of Haute* // Dark Wash High-Waist Jean , American Apparel 

// dresses (3)

Don't like // long sleeve, non-breathing fabrics
Do like //  fit and flare, three-quarter/elbow length/short sleeve, cotton

black fit and flare* long sleeve and shorter length aren't ideal
maroon maxi*

(Dresses are hard.  I have a couple but I don't love any of them for "every day wear."  Maybe I'll eventually find one.  Argh.)

// sweaters/jackets (7) 

Don't like // huge oversized, too hot/thick, wool
Do like // light, breathable, able to layer, skimming & erring on the side of oversized, cotton/merino wool

red cardigan*
cropped black cardigan* just ordered!
black skimming pullover (merino wool?)
grey knit jumper
(p)leather jacket*
wool peacoat*

Thinking About //  The Cotton Cashmere U-Neck , Everlane // Cable Sweater , River Island // Hell Bunny Paloma Cardigan , Trashy Diva

//shoes (7)

white chuck taylors will buy after electric blue ones wear out*
dr martens oxfords (1461s)
combat/lace up boot* two yrs old, will probably need to be replaced after this winter
no heel bootie/ankle boot
blue suede (!!) lace-up heeled ankle boot*
red patent T-strap pumps*
black oxford heel*
black TOMS*

Thinking About // Chuck Taylors , Converse // 1461s , Dr. Martens // 1460s , Dr. Martens 

//statement pieces

Pieces that aren't a part of the daily wardrobe, but are still worn every once in a while.

Lady Love Song Red Dress // Modcloth
Red Pinup Style Surplus Dress // Le Bomb Shop
Navy Blue Polkadot Dress // Target
Griffon Skeleton T-Shirt // Drive By Press
Checkerboard Pants // Tripp Clothing
Drive Jacket

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Something I've been really interested in (for a while, really) is the concept of the apocalypse.  You wouldn't think it, since I was terrified of zombies at a young age due to a neighbor showing me The Night of the Living Dead, but now I love to think about it.  My senior thesis revolved around the idea of a doomsday/end of the world scenario and that seemed to be only the beginning.

For a long time, my only sorts of media input on "the apocalypse" were two concepts: the zombie apocalypse, and some sort of grey end of the world, like The Road.  28 Days Later is my favorite film because it redefined the image of the "zombie" for me.  That movie enabled me to be able to watch a zombie film, as it was a thriller rather than a horror.  I devoured Max Brooks' The Zombie Survival Guide and a few years later, World War Z.  I was no longer afraid of zombies, so I was able to think about them (something I will never be able to achieve with things like ghosts, for example).  Then there was The Walking Dead, which I read and watched (but I'm not caught up too... oops!).

I love the idea of the apocalypse, because it enables the ability to push people to their breaking point.  It allows for humanity to become their "true selves" without the hinderance of law and government and social values.  This then brings up the question of: which of those values need to be upheld, even though the people are now in a lawless situation.  This enables the character of a person to truly come out, and for moral values to be put to the test.

So, that was how I thought of the apocalypse for a long time.  That was how I thought about it all throughout creating my thesis, and those are the values and ideas I wanted to get across in my work.  However, recently I've been playing Fallout 3.  If you've played it, I'm sure you can take a guess at where I'm going with this.

Fallout 3 revolves around The Capital Wasteland, the area around Washington D.C. 200 years after World War III, when China and America bombed each other to hell with nuclear bombs.  The concept of the Cold War and nuclear holocaust was never an apocalypse idea I had considered, even though it had been an actual real fear to people all over the world fifty years ago, including my parents.  The Road seems to play upon this concept in a similar way (nuclear winter), but I had never really considered nuclear fallout as a concept.  I have no idea why.

I then was prompted by my boyfriend (who also loves this stuff) to start devouring Cold War and nuclear holocaust media.  I watched Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, which is satire about Cold War paranoia being the cause of the destruction of humanity, rather than any actual real threat.  I then watched A Boy And His Dog, which is a really weird movie.  That one I didn't really like, because the characters are all awful people with no redeeming qualities.  However, everything else about that movie is amazing!  The design and ideas of the movie are really spot on, which is why Fallout was based largely on that film.

Fallout is even cooler, in a way, as they took it a step further.  The war in Fallout didn't actually happen until 2077, but the key to the design of the game is that the United States was kind of stuck in a strange continuation of 1950s culture.  As soon as you say that, I love it, because I love the 1950s period, but to push it that far makes it even cooler.

There's also the whole concept that the game takes place about 250 years after what we consider "now," which means that the things that people know of life before the war are few and far between.  Setting the game so far in the future as well as essentially in the past is an amazing design choice, and it's extremely effective.  By choosing that timeline, it enables the player to become placed in a future that they feel like they already know, therefore creating a much more immersive game.

I am so hype over all this stuff, I couldn't help but write about it.  I've been struggling with this blog, and I haven't had much I felt like writing about, so I opened this document just to see if I could come up with something.  Seems like I could!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Something I've been enjoying recently is the British TV show In The Flesh.  It's so good!  I basically devour any sort of apocalyptic or zombie media there is (ha ha), so this show is non-exempt.  I discovered it when people started really promoting the show online, as it's in danger of being canceled!  The horror!

The show begins after the zombie uprising, and we see the risen dead (diagnosed with PDS, or Partially Deceased Syndrome) medicated to keep them from returning to their rabid state.  They are discriminated against because of people's prejudices, and their lives parallel many a minority's, in the way that these sorts of stories do (see: X-Men).

The show is really fantastic.  All the characters are amazing, from the smallest minor character to the main ones.  Each character also has massive amounts of character development from episode to episode, and they all have their own story and are given screen time.  One would think it may get sloppy or unnecessary, but it really works!  Every episode leaves you on the edge of your seat, and the writing is great.  I especially love that the main character is some sort of sexuality other than heterosexual, and it's not something that's ever really brought up in a negative way.  Cool!

Overall, I totally recommend this show.  It also got me to finally draw something again, so that's exciting.