Monday, November 10, 2014


I have been absolutely obsessed with berry lips recently - Brian calls them pinks or reds.  He doesn't get it.

Pre-curl comb out for halloween.  You can also see my makeup a lot better here than in the later photos.  I was really pleased with the way my eyes came out - maybe I'll try the look on a "normal" day?

 Tell me about it, stud.

 If you can't tell, I was Sandy from Grease for Halloween.

 Why do "weird" faces always look great??  Don't get it.

 Who says you can't take bathroom selfies??  Also I got this lipcolor by wiping off my berry lip, but I need to find a legit way of getting berry stained lips.  Love it.
 I've been trying a lot more new makeup looks recently, just in the terms of different eyeshadow colors or darker color combos.  You can really get away with almost anything when you wear glasses, as looks aren't as intense. 

I've just been really enjoying taking selfies recently.

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