Saturday, November 15, 2014


I have to say, I was pretty dang proud of my mini travel wardrobe for my California trip at the end of September.  I was going to write a whole post about what I packed, but it wasn't really jiving.  The way I was writing it and the way the photos were taken just didn't seem very interesting to me, and now it's kind of too late to post about it in that way!

I was really pleased that everything I brought fit in my carry on duffel and a big purse (that broke on the return trip).  I was satisfied with my outfits the entire time, which was such a nice feeling.  And I was there for 6 days!  I just wore each shirt twice and also borrowed a black shirt my mom brought because it was so nice (and it got to the point where I had wished I had brought just one more shirt).

What did I bring?

Grey Crop Top // H&M
Black & White Striped Top // H&M
Button-Down Fish Shirt // Target
Red & White Striped Top // Zara
Black Cropped Cardigan // The Woman Within
Pleather Jacket // 579
Black Circle Skirt // Heart of Haute
Red Dress // Le Bomb Shop
Disco Pants // American Apparel

Red T-Strap Heels // Kelly & Katie (DSW)
Electric Blue Chuck Taylors // Converse
Gladiator Sandals // Michael Antonio (DSW)

I want to go back so badly!  Maybe one day, with Brian.  San Francisco was so lovely, and I only saw about 5% of it.  The trip is such a fond memory now.  I had such an absolutely amazing time.  I've never been on a better trip in my entire life.  

Monday, November 10, 2014


I have been absolutely obsessed with berry lips recently - Brian calls them pinks or reds.  He doesn't get it.

Pre-curl comb out for halloween.  You can also see my makeup a lot better here than in the later photos.  I was really pleased with the way my eyes came out - maybe I'll try the look on a "normal" day?

 Tell me about it, stud.

 If you can't tell, I was Sandy from Grease for Halloween.

 Why do "weird" faces always look great??  Don't get it.

 Who says you can't take bathroom selfies??  Also I got this lipcolor by wiping off my berry lip, but I need to find a legit way of getting berry stained lips.  Love it.
 I've been trying a lot more new makeup looks recently, just in the terms of different eyeshadow colors or darker color combos.  You can really get away with almost anything when you wear glasses, as looks aren't as intense. 

I've just been really enjoying taking selfies recently.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


This is something I wore to work a couple of weeks ago.  I grabbed my camera and, for the first time, attempted to take my own outfit photos.  While I was taking the photos, it was a disaster.  I hated all the poses I was pulling, I didn't like how my face looked, and I was just generally unhappy.  I then took some more photos about a week later to apply for Un-Fancy's guest blogger position (the contest is closed, but the post is here) and looked at these photos again.  Suddenly, they weren't so bad!  Goes to show you that it's always better to put away a project and then come back to look at it another time.  Fresh eyes do wonders!

My workplace is generally causal with a touch of buisness-casual for the dress code.  It was a bit of a shift for me, but a welcome one.  I had wanted an excuse to freshen up the way I had dressed for a while, and this was the perfect one!  The big change was not being able to wear color; we're only allowed to wear black, white, and grey.  Before, I would wear a lot of black but would always add a pop of color somewhere (usually red).  I need to get a couple more colorful accessories!

I also feel like I've explained my workplace dress code at least three times on this blog so far.  Augh!  I have this thing where I expect no one who is reading these posts to actually have read any previously, so I need to explain ideas like they're new every time.  Maybe I should stop doing that and just start linking to older posts to explain? 

// What I'm Wearing

Jcpenny (about 5 years ago) // TOP
No idea.  My mom got this for me at least 3 years ago // SKIRT
American Apparel // SOCKS