Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Something I've been enjoying recently is the British TV show In The Flesh.  It's so good!  I basically devour any sort of apocalyptic or zombie media there is (ha ha), so this show is non-exempt.  I discovered it when people started really promoting the show online, as it's in danger of being canceled!  The horror!

The show begins after the zombie uprising, and we see the risen dead (diagnosed with PDS, or Partially Deceased Syndrome) medicated to keep them from returning to their rabid state.  They are discriminated against because of people's prejudices, and their lives parallel many a minority's, in the way that these sorts of stories do (see: X-Men).

The show is really fantastic.  All the characters are amazing, from the smallest minor character to the main ones.  Each character also has massive amounts of character development from episode to episode, and they all have their own story and are given screen time.  One would think it may get sloppy or unnecessary, but it really works!  Every episode leaves you on the edge of your seat, and the writing is great.  I especially love that the main character is some sort of sexuality other than heterosexual, and it's not something that's ever really brought up in a negative way.  Cool!

Overall, I totally recommend this show.  It also got me to finally draw something again, so that's exciting.

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