Sunday, July 6, 2014


I've reached a conclusion.

I'm not going to buy any clothes or makeup for three months.  Until October 6th, there will be no purchases of any sort of clothing or makeup items!

I've been trying to reduce, reduce, reduce for the past couple of months (and I've really gotten it down quite a bit), so now I'm taking it a step further.  Looking at my closet right now, I realize how I really don't need any more clothing items.  I received a packages yesterday of a beautiful dress and skirt (they are truly amazing), and now I'm done.  Hopefully, I'll also be able to reduce even more along with not making any purchases.  I started really looking at my wardrobe in the spring, so I wasn't really able to make a judgement on my fall/winter clothes.  This year, I'll be able to!

Thinking ahead, I really don't need any clothes besides a new pair of jeans for the upcoming fall/winter season.  Any other items I want are treats!  So, I figure, that one purchase can wait until it gets a little colder.  I also really need to stop spending until I have a job, so this and that goal go hand in hand.

In terms of makeup, I have a reasonably sized stash for a normal person, so I'm going to set my mind on using those items.  Thinking about it, I have at least one item of a full face of makeup, so I will be fine!  Related to that goal, I purchased my first MAC lipstick in June (the amazing Ruby Woo).  So exciting!  However, when I bought that amazing lipstick, I turned to my friend and said "this will be the last lipstick purchase I'm going to make until 2015."  I will stick to that!  I have about twenty-five lipsticks, so I figure I should use them instead of getting new ones.  

At the end of three months, hopefully that "reflective" period will help me realize what I don't need, and what I might need in terms of wardrobe and makeup!  I'll be keeping lists of things I wish I had, and maybe I'll buy myself a present at the end of the three months!

I think the one rule is that accessories and hair styling products, where necessary, don't count.  I never buy either of them, so I figure that's the one exception.  I've been wanting to get a curling iron for a while (I have no hot tools!) and was considering a clutch of some sort for the wedding I'm going to in september.  But that's it, I swear!  All other purchases will wait until October, haha.

Wish me luck!


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