Saturday, March 1, 2014


The past month, I've been perusing so many new blogs, but I've stumbled across some new favorites!  These are the blogs that I went back in for pages and pages, reading almost every single post.  These girls are amazing!  Their blogs are gorgeous, their photography amazing, and their posts super interesting!  I recommend giving all of them a little look-see.

Rose Shock // // beauty

Rose Shock is absolutely gorgeous.  Tanja does stunning makeup looks every post, each being different from the last!  I haven't been able to find many "beauty bloggers" who are a little more edgy and creative with their looks, but Tanja fits the bill.  She does what she wants and doesn't give a crap about what anyone thinks of her.  I'm constantly inspired by her makeup, and want to attempt many of the looks she pulls off so effortlessly!

The Private Life of a Girl // // beauty

The Private Life of a Girl ticks all the boxes in terms of blog looks.  Browsing through Sophie's blog is such a joy, just due to her seamless blog design and gorgeous photos!  Seeing the way she takes her photos so effortlessly makes me kind of want to go out and buy some white poster board to start taking photos of my items on.  Her posts are also relatable, she's artistic, and she offers up quite a bit of good advice!

Cakies // // family & lifestyle

Cakies is a blog I very recently stumbled on.  Rubyellen's blog focuses on family life, DIY crafts, and food!  Her family is large and oh so beautiful!  She seems like such a positive person and reading about her day to day activities with her family just puts a smile on my face.

A Beautiful Mess // "At Home With..." // // lifestyle

A Beautiful Mess is a fantastic lifestyle blog, but the one thing I've been in love with this past week is their "At Home With..." feature.  I've been on such a 'spaces' kick since I've been thinking about my soon to be apartment, for some reason, and I can't stop looking at people's homes and cool rooms on pinterest!  This feature definitely got the ball rolling.  I definitely recommend checking it out.  There are so many gorgeous, artistic, alternative decorating ideas to be had!


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