Monday, March 3, 2014


Greetings all!

Last wednesday was the Mid-Winter's Drawing Rally at Hallwalls!  For those of you who don't know, Hallwalls is a great contemporary arts center in Buffalo, promoting things such as visual art, to literature, to media!  I'd actually never had a chance to go before this, but I plan on visiting again soon.

It was such an honor to be invited to the drawing rally this year.  The Visual Arts curator, John Massier, purchased prints from the CFA's Annual Print Sale and asked Jeff, my teacher, if he had any suggestions as to people who could draw and would be a good choice for the rally.  Jeff suggested myself, my friends Teke and Mike, and the boyf.  Mike and Brian never responded so just Teke and I went, but two grads (Candy and Tommy) also were invited to join the fray.  The only other two people I knew besides them were Alicia, who graduated two years ago, and Caitlin, who was a grad one or two years ago.

The basic premise of the rally was this:  Two groups of eighteen artists draw whatever they like for forty-five minutes, using whatever medium they chose to bring with them.  At the end of each forty-five minute period, there was a silent auction for each peace for a half-hour.  Exciting!

Alicia's "Crucidicktion"

My friend Teke, performing/drawing his piece.

This is my finished piece.  I had originally done a quick sketch before the show while thinking about what I wanted to achieve and basically just did exactly what I sketched (with a couple of changes).  I didn't add the watercolor until about two minutes to the end!  Oops!

These are a couple of pieces I really dug, along with Tommy's and Teke's drawings.  Yeah art!  The painting one was super awesome, as the artist was watching a video while she was painting, and I assume, taking elements from the video.  If I could have bought one of the drawings, it would have been this one!

I wished that I hadn't been drawing so I could have seen Tommy and Teke draw, but that's how it is I suppose.  I loved seeing the polaroid and flipping through the photos Brian took of the evening.  

The rally was so fun!  It was super interesting to see all the different ways people made art and to be able to watch each persons process.  I surprisingly wasn't nervous when it came to be my turn to draw (I was in the second of two groups), but the time passed so quickly I started to freak out about half way through!  That was the biggest challenge.  I honestly thought I would draw too fast!

I wasn't super happy with my finished piece, but it was definitely an experience.  Overall, loved it!  I had such a great time.  Also, someone bought my piece!  Did not expect that, but it was pretty darn cool.  Hopefully I can participate again some day.


Caitlin Cass's drawing (she sewed the paper!)

Tommy's drawing: so cool!

Teke's drawing and accompanying polaroid.  The perfect package!

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