Sunday, March 9, 2014


Happy Sunday!

This week had a lot of ups and downs.  I had a minor freak out over my thesis and just not being able to actually start it and get working, but I had a little break, relaxed, and then began to think about it and work again.  The trick is to just start doing!  So I did.

The daffodils I bought from Wegman's also have been blooming really beautifully and have been making me happy whenever I look at them.  They went perfectly with the matcha green tea I made for myself on wednesday!  I made it with milk and a little bit of sugar, but from now on I plan on making it without either.  It's better for you that way, especially since I already have my cup of tea (+ milk & sugar) in the mornings.

Monday I played a whole bunch of Dragon Age at the boyf's house and put a turtleneck (specifically dog sized, don't worry) on his dog Hunter.  Look at that guy.  Look at his concerned old man face.  Hunter is great. 

Also speaking of Hunter, we watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on tuesday.  Yes, Hunter is named after Hunter Thompson.  His name is even on the mailbox!  The film was really great, but super hard to understand the first time you watch it, which Brian said was normally how people react.  It was filmed amazingly and I'm sure that if I ever get around to watching it again I'll appreciate it even more.  Brian knows a lot about Hunter Thompson (and his friendship with Johnny Depp) so hearing his commentary and little facts made the film even more interesting.

I also dig Ralph Steadman and have seen his work around, but I never really had a name to the style.  It was really cool to learn that he did the illustrations in the book and helped with the film.  I love when, if people are going to make a film essentially about a person who is alive, they go the extra mile to make it really, really good and artistic.  

On friday I signed my lease for august and submitted my last month's rent check!  So it's really going to happen, I'm going to live on my own for the first time!  I'm actually not too worried, I just need to get a job.  The weird thing is that I can't really worry about that just yet?  I really need to focus on my thesis now, and then start thinking about getting a job, which is tough.  Everyone says not to worry, but I still have that 1% of myself that thinks I won't find anything!  As long as I apply to a whole bunch of places, though, I'm sure I'll be able to find something.

Also on friday myself and SVAO went to the Albright Knox as a little club event.  On the first friday of every month, a lot of galleries and museums around buffalo open for free to the public, so we thought we'd take advantage!  I didn't have a lot of time to be there before I had to get to work so it was a little nerve-wracking, but it ended up okay in the end.

Here's to another great week!  Spring Break is coming up soon, which I can't believe.  I'm just going back home to NYC for the week to spend some time with the fam before crunch time really begins.  It's also one of my best friend's birthdays!  I need to get some presents!



  1. love FALILV!
    there's a new doc on ralph steadman you might want to check out. i saw the previews for it recently.
    and thanks for your comment on my blog. i've been in enviro health and safety, so there are no worries about issues from depotting palettes, but thanks for your concern. :)

    1. I definitely will give it a look-see! My boyf really digs RS so I'm sure he'd be interested. Thanks for letting me know!

      And also, that's good to know! Thanks for your comment!