Sunday, March 23, 2014


I stumbled across this lovely idea on A Beautiful Mess's blog: the One-Hundred Days of Happiness challenge!

The challenge is about recognizing the beauty in everyday moments and realizing what makes you happy every day.  By recording and sharing each moment, you end up with 100 photos of little things you love!  It seemed like such a fun and cute challenge, I just had to go for it.  I'm pretty happy right now (they ask you happy you are currently while signing up and I put a 9 out of 10), but I know from the last two months that I'll be stressed out over my thesis soon enough.  Spring break truly helped me take a break, calm down, and re-evaluate what needed to be done, but I'm afraid that all that stress relief will be all for naught now that I'm back at school!  I figured that the 100 Days Challenge would if not really help, at least help a little towards making me realize how the stress isn't necessary through my thesis, graduation, and the general tumultuous time approaching me.

I'll be uploading my photographs on my instagram every day starting this evening using the hashtag #100HAPPYDAYS.  I'll also be doing a recap post every week or so here on my blog for those who don't have an instagram or don't want to follow me.  I'm picky with who I follow, I understand!

I hope that this prompts you to maybe join, or at least begin to love the little things in life!  Enjoy!