Thursday, January 2, 2014

GOODBYE 2013 // HELLO 2014


It's finally 2014, I can't believe it!  2013 was a really great year for me, despite a few hiccups.  I grew a lot as a person, experienced some new things, and made new friends (I know that sounds so utterly generic, but it's true!)!  I didn't necessarily have any new year's resolutions for this year, but they're popping up in my head even as I type!
For the past couple of months, my heart has been doing weird jumpy things and beating really hard at times.  No fear!  I'm sure I'm fine, as I know arrhythmias are common.  I'm also making an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow just to get checked out.  However, I know that it would help to have a healthier heart and to be in better shape.  Therefore, I hope to make it to the gym three times a week this coming semester.  I have a gym that's free to use at my school, why don't I use it!  Along with going to the gym, I want to make more healthy food and not give in to my cravings for junk (maybe I'll get my bf to eat healthier as well!).
This past year definitely had it's ups and downs in terms of boys, friends, relationships, and loneliness.  However, I've learned to only allow people in my life that appreciate me for me, and not settle for any less.  I already have people like that in my life, but I hope to find more, and cut out those who bring me down!
This year, I want to do a number of things relating to art.  First on the list is to complete my senior thesis!  After that, however, it will get a lot more difficult.  I'll have graduated, and for the first time in eight years, I wont have school to push my art making.  I'll have to push myself!  I refuse to repeat last summer, where I created almost nothing for four months.  Along with fine art (printmaking, drawing, etc), I want to create music!  I hope to make an EP with my band in 2014.
Along the same vein, I created a video talking about my past year called 21 on 21 (twenty one things about my twenty first year), or my 2013 in review!  One of my favorite youtubers, livelavalive, or Mitchell Davis, created a 23 on 23 video when he turned 24 and encouraged others to do it as well, and I had been planning on filming one when I turned 21.  However, as I explained in the video, I wasn't able to make the video until the very end of the year, almost a month after my actual birthday.  So, I decided to combine it with my 2013 in review video!  Enjoy!


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