Sunday, January 5, 2014


Today I went to the Museum of the Moving Image with the boy.  We were both tired and didn't want to spend a day walking around Manhattan, so we decided to just go to Astoria and check out this museum.  We were pleasantly surprised!!

The museum was full of interesting things relating to film, from photographs to props, merchandise to video games, film cameras to televisions!  The museum covered the whole range of the moving image in every form.  I had such a great time looking at everything!

I took (snuck) some photos while walking around of most of my favorite pieces.  It's no surprise that I was drawn to the more artistic aspects, like sketches and models, rather than the actual cameras and tech things.  

I apologize for the fact some of these photos aren't super great.  I was trying to be sneaky and take them without being caught by the guard, therefore I couldn't frame perfectly or take in to account the lights from the other exhibits reflecting on the display cases.  Enjoy!

These maquettes were for the movie The Wiz (which I haven't seen yet, but now I totally want to).  They were super detailed and lovely!!  The amount of care that went in to sculpting, painting, and applying extras to these guys was apparent.  My favorite was the crow.

Definitely excuse the blurry quality of this one, I was super excited.  These were some original Star Trek fanzines published during the eighties, once of them being, if I guessed right, a Kirk/Spock one!  Did you know that Kirk/Spock was the first slash pairing to ever have a super widespread following and published fan fiction?  They may be competing with Sherlock Holmes back in the 19th century, but I still think that it's pretty cool.  The amount of fan input in the Star Trek fandom was unprecedented.


Silence of the Lambs sketches.  It's kind of sad how all of these sorts of things are done on the computer now.


The actual miniature from Blade Runner.  You should have seen my boyfriend's face when he saw this, definitely his favorite thing in the entire museum.  


We were also lucky to go during a time that they had an indie game exhibition running!  We went around and played most of the games, including minecraft of course.  There were also quite a few games that the boy knew about and pointed me towards, and I really enjoyed most of them.  I'll probably get around the playing them eventually, since most are listed on Steam.  The particular games I was interested in were Braid, Kentucky Route Zero, Dear Esther, and Machinarium.

I hope to be doing more of these posts in the future!  This week I'll be going to a lot of museums, since I want to show the boy around the city and see some things he hasn't seen.  It's a week of excitement!

Do you want me to do more of these sorts of posts?  Also, do you have any favorite indie games to recommend?


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