Sunday, January 26, 2014


Hi everyone!

This is a bit late, I know, but I wanted to get all the straggler gifts in before I made a post/filmed a video.  This was in vain, of course.  I still have more late presents coming.  C'mon people!

However, I wanted to try something different for this post!  I did film a youtube video talking about each of my gifts, but I also wanted to make a little bonus for the blog lovers, or people who just don't fancy youtube very much.  I took some photos of my favorite gifts from this Christmas as well!  Enjoy!

Self explanatory.  I love this pallet!

The Joy Of Cooking was actually a birthday gift, but I lumped it.  The rest are all queer literature, since that's a lot of what my art focuses on.  Fun fact, if I had discovered queer studies earlier, I would have gotten a minor in Global Gender Studies.  Alas, by the time I considered it, it was too late and I didn't have enough time to complete the required courses.  I recommend all of these books!

My cousin got this peppermint hot chocolate set from a friend, and gave me the tin when I complimented it!  I can't wait to use this to hold things.  I just don't know what these things will be just yet!

Broaches from my grandmother and great-grandmother.  My Aunt and Uncle found them while packing to move and they let the girls of the family (myself and my two cousins) divide them amongst ourselves.  All three of us have a butterfly broach now!

A lovely tin of English Breakfast tea from my bestie, Celina.  The tea bags are that really lovely sachet type.  It's so luxurious!  I've never had tea like that, and even though I want the tin for storage, I'm definitely going to try to keep these and make them last!  I also got Celina a matching tin of white tea for Christmas.

So many body products!!  I can't wait to use all of these.  All smell absolutely delicious.  I've already been using the Mentha one and it leaves your skin tingling (as well as it being my favorite scent: peppermint!).  The Kiss my Face exfoliation wash is definitely going to be more of a treat, along with the One Direction body wash.  I won't want to use that one up!


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