Friday, January 30, 2015

12 LISTS // 1

I've had a lot of trouble with the concept of blogging.  I never know what to write; I even stopped reading blogs for a while.  Now that I'm reading them again, it just makes me think about writing my own again, even though I have no frankin' clue what to write about.

Mini Penny introduced me to the 12 Lists series, created by Chez Gillian & Clear The Way.  It's just a list a month.  If anything, it'll be a fun thing to do at the end of each month.  Or beginning.  Whenever.  I love making lists, anyway.

Without further ado, in no particular order: Some smells I thought about and decided were pretty dang good smelling.

  • old spice deodorant on a man
  • mac lipstick
  • books
  • spearmint
  • aveda's air control hair spray
  • dollar bills
  • almond
  • the body shop's white musk libertine perfume
  • coconut oil
  • sourdough bread
  • rainy weather
  • lemon scented soaps


  1. Tanya, so glad to hear that my sister's and my series inspired you to blog again! That's the dream!

    I love your list of favorite smells and I can't believe I left out coconut oil! I use it for everything-- hair conditioner, skin lotion, oil pulling, etc. It smells SO good!