Friday, January 29, 2016


Hello all!  Happy New year!  I thought I'd start the year off with a nice little purge.  A friend of a friend of mine made a post on facebook about giving gently used beauty items to a women's shelter in Buffalo, so I've decided to finally get rid of a whole bunch of stuff I never use but have been lugging around because I can't just throw away my money.  I also did get through a couple of products between now and the last empties post I made.  Very exciting!

My goal for the year with products is to really try to get through one product before purchasing another.  So, hopefully, I'll have a good amount of empties all year round!

Empties //

All these empties I feel really great about!  The Aveeno Men's Shaving Gel was an awesome product.  It smelled like almonds and lasted quite a while.  It was also great for sensitive skin and didn't itch or burn like Skintimate has done for me in the past.  I also finished a second tube of Weleda's Almond Face Lotion which is great and mild, but definitely cannot stand up to the Buffalo winter.  Maybe I will repurchase for the summer, if I don't find something I like more.  The cotton rounds are just a general good purchase.

The Shea Moisture Deep Treatment mask is yet another of the same, I talked about how much I like it in last month's empties.  On the other hand, I finally finished my first tub of Meow Meow Tweet's Tea Tree Deodorant!  I love this stuff.  It makes me feel good when I apply it and it keeps me smelling good all day.  It has a really mild, natural scent, which is great for someone who dislikes the flowery scents of traditional women's deodorant.  It also lasts forever; I got this pot at least half a year ago, if not more.  Something that may be a downside for some people would be that you have to apply it with your fingers, but it never bothers me.

It was time for this Maybelline Fit Me concealer to go.  I maybe could have eeked out a bit more, but I've had it for at least two years, and it honestly does not get the job done anymore.  It was time to face the facts, haha.  I also finished another tube of Physician's Formula brown eyeliner, which I should probably just repurchase again.  I was debating trying something different, but honestly, it's such a great eyeliner and suits me so well.  And they sell it in packs of three!

Samples wise, all I used were two lotions from Kiehl's: A pot of Creme d'Elegance Repairateur and a packet of Ultra Facial Cream.  The Repairateur was a favorite and I definitely want to repurchase a fullsize, but the Ultra was not great and I got the burning sensation I sometimes get with certain moisturizers.

Give-Away //

Holy products, Batman!  I won't even really try with this category, I just liked the photo of all this stuff spilled out all over the place.  A few items of note: Most of the makeup was just not the right color for me, the lemon body butter smelled awful,  the simple face moisturizer broke me out and the No7 one didn't moisturize well, the e.l.f. brushes were scratchy as hell.... I could go on.

Toss //

To start, those little sample pots are all foundations that dried up as they didn't work for me.  I used to love the Maybelline BB Cream but then fell out of love with it and now it's kind of old.  The Sport Face sunblock also lost it's consistency, but it was my facial sunscreen of choice for years.  I never really enjoyed the Vanilla Body Butter's scent, and the Maybelline's The Falsies mascara never worked for me either, and now it's dried up.  I also have a Stilla eyeliner in there, which still has a bit of color left,. but none of it goes to the tip of the felt tip, so drawing a wing is impossible.  Also, I much prefer my gel pot liner and brush now.

Now, taking some inspiration from the lovely Gummy Vision, I thought I'd write down my totals each month and then the cumulative total for the year!  It's always cool to see how much you've used/purged.

January Totals

Empties // Full Size // 7
Empties // Foil Packets // 1
Empties // Deluxe Samples // 1
Purged // ~21
Toss // 10

Yearly Totals

Empties // Full Size // 7
Empties // Foil Packets // 1
Empties // Deluxe Samples // 1
Purged // 21
Toss // 10

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