Wednesday, April 6, 2016


My favorite "Ricks", if you will.  Liddol baby cop Rick, farmer Rick, and feral Rick.

Man I just am loving The Walking Dead the past couple of episodes.  They must have done something with the writing team or whatever, but the past four/five episodes have been phenomenal.

My fave fam.

I read a super sick apocalypse fanfiction where the main character is "the Word," because everyone has forgotten how to read and write.  Since he writes for a long time, the ink stains his fingers, and he sucks on the nib since the ink freezes, so his mouth and the lines around it are also stained.  The imagery from that fic really stuck with me.

I'm "re-watching" That 70's Show from the beginning (I use quotes because I never actually watched it in full, just blocks of episodes here and there when I used the computer/television) and HYDE.  I love Hyde, and I also love Donna, and dang it Donna!  Choose Hyde over Eric!!!!  Also Donna is seriously beautiful.

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