Sunday, April 3, 2016


DAY XI  //  2/28/16
"Maybelline matte lipstick in FAINT FOR FUCHSIA"
COLOR - purple-toned hot pink
FINISH - creamy matte
TASTE - smells slightly like that neutral smell of drugstore lipstick, hard to explain.
WEAR -  Doesn't hold up to eating, transfers while drinking, but wears evenly on the lips and doesn't immediately wear off.  Doesn't feather.
APPLICATION - applies patchily, but doesn't look too bad.  Smooth.
PRESENTATION - kind of cheap looking drugstore packaging.  Matte, cloudy, square tube.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - really nice hot pink.  Interested in swatching this against the Wn'W pink and MAC's Candy Yum Yum, which I don't own.  

Pictured // Wet N' Wild's Don't Blink Pink, Maybelline's Faint For Fuchsia, MAC's Impassioned

DAY XII  //  2/29/16
"MAC Dita Von Teese lipstick in VON TEESE"
COLOR - true tomato red
FINISH - creamy matte
TASTE - light vanilla
WEAR - great
APPLICATION - very pigmented, easy to apply
PRESENTATION - glossy MAC tube with Dita's name in script.  Same script embossed on the lipstick tube.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - I keep thinking this is a warm red, but it confuses me in different lighting.  I'm glad to have something like this in my collection.

DAY XIII  //  3/1/16
"Bite Beauty matte lipstick, CUSTOM COLOR"
COLOR - blue-red
FINISH - creamy matte
TASTE - mint 
WEAR - great, fades evenly.  Does feather if applied too heavily without a lip liner, but looks great patted on as a stain.  Very comfortable.
PRESENTATION - matte grey tube is super nice.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - all the aspects of this lipstick were custom choices (color, finish, taste, tube shape) and that makes me love it.  Their "matte" isn't a true matte, though, which was a little disappointing.

DAY XIV  //  3/13/16
"Beseme lipstick in NOIR RED"
COLOR - deep plum red
FINISH - creamy matte
TASTE - sweet, faint
WEAR - good, feathers slightly over a couple of hours of wear
PRESENTATION - beautiful tube and bullet
KEEP/TOSS - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - Definitely need to swatch my darker reds to get rid of redundancies.

DAY XV  //  3/17/16
"NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in CRUELLA"
COLOR -  scarlet red
FINISH - matte
TASTE - none
WEAR - great.  Doesn't even wear off after eating a buttery croissant!
APPLICATION - was a bit worried about having to sharpen, but it worked out fine when I finally did it.
PRESENTATION - always love NARS packaging.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - not sure if I'd re-purchase, because I have so many similar colors.

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