Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Last thursday the Extended Print class and myself took a mini road trip to Rochester for the Dirty Dozen print show.  Jeff drove us all in a giant van there and back, because he rocks.

The show was super great and I'm really glad we got to go.  All the artist are current printmakers, trying to make a living off their art.  Seeing current printers is great, since printmaking examples are usually people like Goya and Dürer.  It was super inspiring, even though I haven't done printmaking in a bit.  Hopefully next fall I'll get back in to making prints!  I also got some pretty sweet loot from the show (a shirt and a print, plus promo materials).  I'll be making a post about that stuff soon, since I don't think it should be lumped in a "recent purchases" post.

After the show, we all went to Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, which was awesome.  I didn't bring my camera in to the restaurant, but it was so fun to just hang out with all my friends and eat delicious food.  If you go, I recommend the mac and cheese more than anything.  And the poutine.  So good

All in all, a fantastic trip.  I had such a good time!!



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