Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I have the pickiest feet.  If something is too tight, rubs, or is uncomfortable, I can't wear it.  Shoes are one of my most favorite wardrobe items, but I hardly own any because I can never find any that I like that are also comfortable (and that are reasonably priced).

A couple of weeks ago, I though I'd just take a look at the DSW website to see if there was anything I liked.  I saw these sandals.  Most sandals now are awful.  Their soles are so thin and they all look cheap.  These, however, were in a style I liked and also had thick soles.  They weren't in store, however, so my picky feet couldn't try them out before purchasing.  I saved them to my vollow, but wrote them off as a non-obtainable item, due to the lack of testing.

I went on the website a few weeks later to show them to my friend Lucas, and I noticed there was only one more black pair in my size.  So I bought them.

They came in last week, and I absolutely love them!  I had to poke new holes in the ankle straps to make them tighter so there was no rubbing, but it worked out and they're great!  I love how they look and the fact I finally, finally have a pair of sandals (and summer shoes that aren't my beloved, but casual TOMS).  Yes!!


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