Friday, April 25, 2014


I think if I was to ever choose a signature fragrance, it may just be this one.  Of course, it's the first perfume I ever bought, but I love it.  It's perfect for day, night, and just all around.  It suits me and everyone who smells it says it's lovely.

The website describes the perfume as having "a heady blend of cruelty-free musks at its top, heart and base, with sweet notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream."  I'm no parfum connoisseur, so I can't actually tell if these notes are in there, but I love it.  The top notes are pretty floral in my opinion, but when it settles down it was love at first sniff.  I've even gotten used to the top notes as well, and now I love the perfume as a whole.  It's a super sexy scent, but not in an evening perfume way, if you understand what I mean?  For example, I love the Victoria's Secret scents, but they feel more suitable for the evening (not that I don't love them, because they are gorgeous).

I think, however, that the musk is what sells it for me.  I was never interested in what people typically describe as a "perfume" scent for women: overly sweet and floral,  I think.  For example, I gave the widely loved Marc Jacob's Daisy a sniff in Sephora a week or two ago: definitely not for me!

The one thing is that it doesn't last very long in the air.  However, it lasts on the skin for a couple of hours.  By the end of a long day, it's gone, but that's alright with me.  I never really like super strong, lingering scents, as they tire my nose out.  I can always give my wrist a sniff if I want to, and it's there for me to smell!

Another plus point that I never realized was a big problem was the cruelty-free musk.  I didn't know musk was an animal product (though I should have, duh!), and I've been trying to get better with animal testing with beauty products so it's a nice touch.

While trying to decide whether to buy this or the White Musk Rose scent in the store, it was the deep, sweet scent of the under notes that sold me on it.  I can't describe it, but it may be the Chantilly creme, perhaps?  Either way, I love it.  One spray goes on both wrists, which are then pressed under my ears, and I'm good to go.  Perfect!

Do you have any scent favorites from The Body Shop?


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