Thursday, April 23, 2015


I feel like I've already told everyone this, but I'm moving in with my boyfriend in a month or two!  I've been thinking a lot about it, from kitchen supplies we'll need to buy to how nice it will be to come home to a house where I can sit in the living room, but my main thought it how I want to decorate.  I love thinking about arranging furnature and making a space my home whenever I move to a new place (I've moved quite a few times in my life), it's actually one of my favorite parts!  I've saved spaces I like on Pinterest for a while, so here's a nice collection of some interiors I like.  All images are from my SPACES Pinterest board.

Many framed artworks on the walls.

A long desk for work and play.

Pops of color and my very own armchair.

A beautiful and eclectic vanity.

A place to put shoes by the door.

Shelving and practical decoration.


  1. That's one thing I'm really excited about is when I eventually get a place of my own I'm really excited to decorate it. I love like you say arranging furniture and styling things! I love the wall paper and the mirror in the first photo! :)

  2. Wonderful post! Have a nice day:)