Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Inspired by Elsa Billgren's list.

My last screenshot of my phone // Accidental screenshot of my lock screen.  It's the romance tarot card art of Dorian from Dragon Age: Inquisition.

My last purchase // When I was at Wegman's on Sunday, I bought a bottle of Aura Cacia almond oil, an Alba Organics acne wash, and a new bottle of Lubriderm body lotion.  On Friday I got Aveda's Intensive Damage Treatment, the Earth Month candle, RMS Beauty's Living Luminizer, and EXO's natural nail polish remover.

My last listened podcast // I go through stages of listening to the RT podcast every week and then taking a break for a couple of weeks.  I'm currently listening as I'm writing this.

My last incoming text message // "Why??" from my friend Lucas, responding to my question if he was busy on Monday.  My work meeting was canceled and it was supposed to go up to 70 degrees.  Amazing!

My last tagged photo on facebook // A selfie I posted a month ago.  I haven't really done much recently.

My last pinned image // Really liked her hair and the hair comb.

My last sent text message // "Busy today?" to my friend Irene that I haven't seen in almost a year.  

My last video game played // Fallout: New Vegas.  Ever since I changed the difficulty back down to very easy it's been way more fun.  I'm all about the story and not about trying a situation over and over again.

My latest find // A couple of weeks ago I got a tube of Weleda's Skin Food and I have been absolutely loving it.  Not much of a find if everyone has already found it, but it is seriously worth the hype.  HG product right there.

My latest television obsession // I caught up with Elementary yesterday, finished Breaking Bad two weeks ago, and now I need to finish Peaky Blinders.  Loving that Peaky Blinders.

My latest favorited photo on instagram // Tanya Burr is pretty cool.

My most recent expensive purchase // I bought three items of clothing from Pin Up Girl clothing last month and I love each thing, but it was definitely way more money I usually spend.  I should post photos of them within the next two months, once I move!

My last film seen in the theatre // There's an indie theatre called The Screening Room in Buffalo and during March they were showing Aliens.  Seriously amazing.  It's a completely different experience seeing that movie in the theatre in comparison to on my laptop, which is how I originally watched it.  I was so tense!!

My last listened song on spotify // Talk to Me by the Pleistocene's.  I saw them opening for Screaming Females on Saturday and they were really great.

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