Wednesday, March 23, 2016

#12LISTS2016 // 2

  • Reading people's blogs, especially some of my favorites, has become a great past time.  I love reading about people's lives and being inspired by their photography and writing.
  • Shooting the shit.  At work, I talk to a lot of people.  But now, I know new people through them being co-workers, but I've also began to strike up conversations with regulars.  Who would've thunk it, huh?
  • Down time at work allows for surprisingly deep conversations.
  • Beauty provides a topic that's easy to talk about to a lot of people.  It develops conversations in to surprisingly deep talks, sometimes.  I can talk to Danielle about the new Gwen Stefani collab with Urban Decay, or I can talk to Olivia about how the beauty industry is a construct to make women spend money.
  • As I get older, it gets harder to come up with "excuses" to see people.  No one just hangs out anymore.  You need to eat food, or watch a movie or television show, play a game, or go shopping.  Some of by best conversations recently have been over food, or on walks.  I love taking walks.
  • I did yoga with Tho a couple of weeks ago, and it was seriously amazing.
  • This just makes me think of Bri, who is all about making meaningful connections with other people. 
  • Have you ever felt that connection to everyone else at a concert?

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