Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Let it be known that I have a lot of lipstick.  A lot.  I'm not currently by my collection, so I can't count, but I know I have at least 35.  Probably more, tbh.  So, in an attempt to start playing with makeup more and rustling up my makeup collection (maybe while keeping me from buying more), I'm forcing myself to wear every single lipstick in my collection.  I'm going to rate each one in six categories: COLOR, TASTE, WEAR (time lasting on the lips, feathering, upkeep required), APPLICATION, and PRESENTATION.  I then decide weather to keep or toss, and then write any last notes on the lipstick that may not fit in to the aforementioned categories.

At the time I'm writing this, I've already done about ten days, and mostly stuck to my favorites.  However, I know things will get a little dire as we get towards the end of my collection.  I'll be begging for my beloved Ruby Woo!!

DAY I  //  2/12/16
"Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in SHAMELESS"
COLOR - red-toned purple
FINISH - satin matte
TASTE - minty
WEAR - wears unevenly, transfers easily, and leaves a ring around the outside of the lips.
APPLICATION - needs a couple of coats for even application, applies patchy
PRESENTATION - nice, colored matte lip crayon packaging, doesn't need sharpening (plus!)
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - I don't really love this one, or reach for purples any more, but it's nice to have in the collection.  I'll probably toss it eventually, especially since I now have a Jeffree Starr liquid lipstick in purple, though the colors are different.

DAY II  //  2/15/16
COLOR - bright neutral, slightly blue-tones red
FINISH - cream
TASTE - none
WEAR - awful.  Used a lip liner (Rimmel Lasting Finish in RED DYNAMITE) but the lipstick still feathered in about two hours.  Had to take off and apply a different lipstick, as I was at work and couldn't be bothered with checking it often.  
APPLICATION - Great, very pigmented, great round bullet.
PRESENTATION - awful.  Wet n' Wild notoriously gross packaging.  Bullet doesn't wind down all the way in the tube so lid hits the bullet when being put on and off, so the lipstick smears everywhere if you're not careful. 
KEEP/TOSS? - toss
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - I love this color and the pigmentation, I just wish it didn't feather!  Ain't nobody got time for that.

(my phone screwed up my glasses while editing??  why phone????)

DAY III  //  2/16/16
COLOR - neutral red
FINISH - matte
TASTE - slightly cake-like scent, very mild, does away after dry down
WEAR - wears off any part of the lips that are at all moist at application, meaning that it was gone from the inside of my lips almost immediately.  Transferred on to a coffee mug after over an hour after application.  Feels dry on the lips after a couple of hours of wear.
APPLICATION - Have to wipe off doefoot applicator before applying thin coats.  Also lip liner is a must, due to my inability to apply this lipstick inside my lip line in any orderly fashion.
PRESENTATION - fine, simple lip gloss tube, black cap.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - probably won't repurchase.  I have great matte red lipstick already, and have since learned I prefer bullets to liquids for colors that aren't crazy.  Longevity isn't a selling point due to the dryness.

DAY IV  //  2/18/16
COLOR - blue-toned hot pink
FINISH - creamy matte
TASTE - none
WEAR - great!  No feathering, color fades evenly and doesn't leave a rind around the lips.
APPLICATION - nice shape, tugs a little while being applied but is generally nice feeling.
PRESENTATION - gross Wn'W packaging
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - great for a simple cat eye/pink lip combo, which I forgot I liked.  Great flattering hot pink.  Forgot how good this one is!

DAY V  //  2/21/16
COLOR - red-toned berry
FINISH - glossy, a little glittery (????), wears down to a faint stain
TASTE - slightly minty, less so than Revlon's matte balms
WEAR - glossy application feathers slightly, but leaves a nice pink stain after a couple of hours wear.  Better for a bitten stained look than a well defined lip.
APPLICATION - a little streaky, but after a blot and reapply looks good
PRESENTATION - same sort of packaging as Revlon's other Colorburst crayons, but the Balm Stain's have a glossy tube.  The writing as worn off a bit.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - it's a bit glittery on first application, not a huge fan of the glossy finish.  Nice to find a "gloss" that doesn't feather too badly on my lips.  Ideally, I'd love to find a matte berry stain, which is when I'd toss this one.

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