Wednesday, March 16, 2016


DAY VI  //  2/22/16
COLOR - navy blue
FINISH - matte
TASTE - only slightly "chemically" scent which is pleasant and disappears almost immediately.
WEAR - pretty good in general, wears away at the inside of my lips almost immediately through talking/drinking and looks kind of weird (see photo).  Layers well, but feels kind of dry after a couple of hours.  Photo was taken at the end of the work day, had reapplied three times.
APPLICATION - applicator helps, but I'm discovering I'm kind of bad at applying liquid lipstick without a lip liner.  Takes more thought and time than applying a bullet lipstick which are my favorite formulation.
PRESENTATION - nice, hard plastic tube that feels good.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - this is a really nice color and has good wear.  It does stain your lips though, and takes some scrubbing to get off.

DAY VII  //  2/23/16
COLOR - true red
FINISH - matte
TASTE - vanilla
WEAR - great! Very comfortable in the lips, only wears away slightly on inner lips after drinking/talking.
PRESENTATION - great (sensing a pattern?)
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - this isn't my HG lipstick for nothing.  Pretty sure I'm going to wear this lipstick until I die tbh.

DAY VIII  //  2/25/16
COLOR - brick red
FINISH - creamy matte
TASTE - none
WEAR - weird!  May need to try this one out again.  Wore a lip liner, and despite the matte finish it feathered, especially after licking my lips after taking a bite of muffin.
PRESENTATION - nothing to complain about, revlon tubes are pretty classic.
KEEP/TOSS? - not sure, check for dupes.
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - this is a nice neutral red but I have to have something close to this by now, and I don't really love this any more.

DAY IX  //  2/26/16
COLOR - blue red
FINISH - creamy matte
TASTE - sweet, vanilla maybe?
WEAR - doesn't feather, great all around lipstick
APPLICATION - great, angled bullet makes it easy to get a nice, precise line
PRESENTATION - gorgeous gold & red packaging, angled bullet is nice, unique choice.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - I'm starting to want to swatch all my reds together to see what their differences are, and maybe see where I can cut out some of my cheaper tubes to be replaced by higher end options, which sadly are usually nicer.  This reminded me a bit of Revlon's Really Red.

DAY X  //  2/27/16
COLOR - rose pink
FINISH - satin cream
TASTE - none
WEAR - great!  matches my lip color so it doesn't look awful when it fades, but it does fade evenly.  
APPLICATION - easy, lip pencil applies creamily and is easy to trace the shape of the lips.
PRESENTATION - NARS lip pencils are nice, but sharpening anything always makes me feel like I'm wasting product.  I would love if this was sold as a lip bullet.
KEEP/TOSS? - keep
ANY LAST THOUGHTS? - Maybe see if this is available as a NARS tube lipstick?  This is a really nice, flattering nude for my lip/skin tone and I would love to have it as a nude staple.

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