Sunday, March 27, 2016


This month wasn't super exciting, but I did get rid of a lipstick!  If you had told me from a year ago that I was getting rid of a perfectly good lipstick, I would have clutched my pearls in horror!  If you're following my super duper special lipstick challenge, you'll have seen that Wet N' Wild's Stoplight Red was my first purge!  Very exciting.  I'm also getting rid of that bottle of sea salt spray, because even if the spray nozzle hadn't broken off, it smelled awful.  :(  Finally, I'm getting rid of my hairbrush!  I've had it for years (gross, I know) and one day I realized, huh, the brand is right on the handle.  Why don't I just look it up on amazon and see if it's reasonably priced.  And it was!  So I bought a new one!!  Joy of joys!!!

As for things I actually used up: Nivea!!!  I've had that container for way too long, but I've recently started using it on my hands at night, which is great.  I also used up my sample of Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra Makeup Stick, which was really nice.  I would maybe be interested in purchasing a full sized one to try it out.  Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing mask was interesting; it was super intense and made my face burn.  Maybe not for me??  I find that mud masks all make my skin tingle and burn like nobody's business, so maybe I need to find something more gentle, or just forego them all together.

Bogavia's Exfoliating Facial Scrub was nice, but I never feel like manual exfoliation helps me at all.  I exfoliate my face whenever I wear makeup when I take it off with the washcloth, so I feel like maybe that's enough for me.  I also tried out a sample of Bogavia's Night Cream (not pictured, I saved the little jar) which was nice!  But it didn't solve my dehydrated skin, even though it felt good and was unscented.  Maybe for a summer cream?  First Aid Beauty's Ultra Repair Cream was also a bust.  I used it for about a week before my skin completely rebelled.  I got little bumps all over my forehead, and more red spots on my cheeks and chin.  I mentioned it in the comments on XOVain and someone pointed out that it has Eucalyptus Leaf Extract in it, which is irritating to sensitive skin.  C'mon FAB!  I'm going to give the other packets I got to a friend, so hopefully it'll be better for them.

I also decided to finally toss some of my other samples that I never use.  The two packets I got at least three years ago, probably have gone bad by now.  The pots are Sunday Riley's Night Oil and Good Genes, both of which are totally out of my price range, even if they worked for me, which I don't know if they do tbh.  I tried them for a bit and then broke out a bit, blerg.  Whelp!

February Totals

Empties // Full Size // 1
Empties // Foil Packets // 5
Empties // Deluxe Samples // 0
Purged // 3
Toss // 5

Yearly Totals

Empties // Full Size // 8
Empties // Foil Packets // 6
Empties // Deluxe Samples // 1
Purged // 24
Toss // 15

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