Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Merona bag from Target, about $35

pens/highlighter/gluestick/erasers/exato blade
swiss army knife
spare button for my peacoat
ticket stubs
tea/matchbook/bottle cap
museum pamphlets (Jewish Museum, Natural History Museum, MET)
linoleum block (for relief printing)
fingerless gloves
wegmans card
zipper pencil case
victoria's secret sparkle emergency (makeup) bag
thesis notebook
day planner

This "What's In My Bag" is brought to you by the fact that I never clean out my bag.  Now you get to see the amount of crap that has accumulated in my bag over the past month of use.  I actually plan on not using this bag for the next coming months since it doesn't hold my school supplies (laptop, multiple books) without breaking my shoulder off, so I plan on either completely transitioning to my backpack or getting a new, smaller purse.  We shall see.

This bag is a great size for the amount that I like to hold in it, but that weight factor is the deciding factor for the discontinuation of this purse, sadly.  However, I thought I'd show you what I had in my bag before I completely stop using it!

As you can see, have a lot of crap.

The essentials: keys (school version, I also have home keys), fingerless gloves (sometimes joined by a hat), crap headphones (just in case, usually for subway use at home), and my CMYK wallet (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black: the colors for printing).

Makeup & essentials held in a sparkly Victoria's Secret bag I got from my cousin.  I'll do a "What's In My Essentials" bag eventually, because that's a whole 'nother ball game.  The purple case is one endless zipper, and it holds all my pens and pencils.

My day planner, thesis notebook, and sketchbook.  The thesis notebook is all the images, sketches, and notes I take relating to my senior thesis.  I can also do a sneaky peek in to this book as well.  I really like flipping through it because you can see the progression of my ideas.  I definitely will continue to do this for any other major projects in the future; the insight you gain is invaluable.  My sketchbook is just that: a sketchbook.  It has really nice drawing paper and a Guerilla Girls sticker on the front (if you don't know who they are, look them up!). 

Papers!  Museum pamphlets from all my museum visits over Christmas break.  Reciepts for everything from museums to food to makeup.  Papers from a doctors visit and my trip to the DMV.  Movie and museum tickets.  A tea bag, an empty tea packet as a reminder that I like the tea, a business card and matchbook from my first NYC bar (St. Dymphna's, I recommend), and a bottle cap.

Hope you enjoyed this peek in to my bag!  If you want to see anything more in depth (notebooks, smaller bags, etc) just let me know in the comments!


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