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Now let me explain, I don't need to stop buying clothing.  I haven't purchased an item of clothing since November, I believe!  However, I have an abundance of clothing I don't wear in my closet currently and I've been wanting to do a sort for so long.  However, I never had the drive to actually get rid of my clothing that I don't wear because I don't have the means to buy new clothes to replace the old ones.  But do I really need to replace?  Isn't that the whole point of minimizing your wardrobe?

Either way, I want to reduce the amount of clothes in my closet currently because I'm always stumped when I choose my outfit for the day, even though I end up with the same rotation of the same elements, with the exception of a few statement pieces.

So, what's the 5 Piece French Wardrobe you say?  I read about it on afterDRK, a pretty nifty fashion blog (here's the specific tag for the challenge).  It's the challenge to only buy five on-trend clothing items per season (every six months), so you spend less and enjoy the items you do buy that much more.  I don't have this problem, since I don't buy high fashion ever.  However, I realized that this challenge can apply to me in a different way.

First, I'll go through all my clothes and separate them in to basics and statement pieces.  Then, from those statement pieces, I'll choose the ones I actually wear regularly.  And then... I decide if I actually want to attempt to wear the other pieces more than I currently do, or do I want to get rid of them.  I obviously don't have a lot of time to do this currently (because of other, more pressing matters, such as thesis and job hunting), but I'll attempt to make some headway on this every once in a while, such as photo taking, sorting, and other things.

Second, I really want to apply the five item buying limit to makeup purchases.  This is the big limit.  There are so many makeup items I want, but I need to really stop buying one every time I go shopping.  Therefore, I hope to put a five item limit on myself every four months.  I'll document this journey as well, and keep you updated as well as myself.  Hopefully the judgement of people online will keep my purchases within my limit.

I know I've kept mentioning my spending ban over and over, but I realize it's not realistic, because I have no self control.  So hopefully this will help.

Third, I do want to update my wardrobe.  Whenever I go to dress, I remember that I have almost zero basic tops.  I've realized this for a while, actually.  Since I'll be entering the working world, I also need to think about what I can wear to a work environment.  That would be something that comes up more in the next couple of months, once I find a permanent job.  Only then will I know what clothing items I'll need to get.

Lastly, I still need to find a pair of shoes that aren't my boots or Toms.  At this point, I wear my lace up boots in the winter and Toms in the summer, with little to no variation.  I really want to get a pair of oxfords, or maybe some loafers if I find a comfortable, nice looking pair.

Phew, what a post!  Putting these goals to "paper," so to speak, hopefully will help me in sticking to them and completing them.  Have any of you ever attempted the Five Piece French Wardrobe challenge, or something of the sort?


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