Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Since coming back to school, I've implemented that spending ban I've mentioned many times before.  I just can't be spending on makeup anymore at the moment, and I have all my essentials for now (meaning products I like in every category).  Therefore, I thought I would show you how I'm currently storing and organizing my collection.  You also get a little sneaky-peek in to my products as well, since many were bought before I started doing hauls!

I have all my makeup out on the top of my dresser, which I find perfect size for all of it.  I have various boxes, cups, and jars that I've found or appropriated for the use of placing my makeup inside of them.  I have even cooler containers and things at home, but since most of my collecting happened at school (or after I packed up said cool containers at home), I don't have the most ideal way of storing everything.  However, I do like how I've solved it all for now.

I keep all my brushes and tools in a chipped glass that was in the apartment before I moved in.  I have no idea where it came from, but it sat on the kitchen counter for a year holding garlic cloves before it cut someone and I took it before it was thrown away.  Since I'm not handling the glass, I figured it would be a good fit.  For a while it held all my currently used tall and skinnies like mascara, eyeshadow pencils, lip stains, etc.  Since I got so many brushes over break, however, I thought it's semi shallow nature would be best for tools.

In the striped red gradient mug I have all my eye products.  I have eye pencils, mascaras, eye primer, and shadow sticks.  Many of these products I haven't used in a long time so I need to test them and see if I should get rid of them.

Standing up in front of my tools jar I have all my liquid eyeliners, which are my holy grail for days I'm just too lazy to do any sort of eyeshadow fiasco on my eyes.  Some are almost out or I don't really like the consistency, so I'm trying to either use them up for find some sort of use for them (like my Revlon one; not pigmented at all!).  In front of those I have my one color tattoo gel eyeshadow and my Jordana single pot eyeshadow that I use for the base of all my eye looks.

I also have travel cases tucked behind it all, along with the mesh container which holds my comb and brushes.  I also have two (dried out) gel liners stacked in the corner.

My lipsticks don't really have a home other than just standing around.  I didn't feel like anything else would really work, and since I use lipstick almost every day, having them out makes the most sense.  My backup lip balms are in the back of the pile, and with the exceptions of my Rimmel and One Direction lipsticks I try to keep the colors visible for easy access.  My Urban Decay lip gloss also gets a place here since it can stand up on it's own.

My rings and broaches also have a place here where I can see them easily (so I actually wear them every once in a while).

In the green case I have all my pallet type items.  This green thing has had a home in my college rooms since freshman year but it never really had a use until now.  I'm glad I kept it and finally have something for it to do!

Starting close to the wall and moving out, I have my foundations, BB Cream, and concealer on one side.  The other side are my lip stains, lip liner, lip crayon and one gloss.  I was going to keep these in the jar that held all my eye products but I didn't want them to get mixed up and for me to forget about them.

Next are my powders, with my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder on top.  After that, my blushes and one highlighter.  The next row is bronzers and my one Physician's Formula blush.  Not visible are all my eyeshadows, most of which I got over Christmas break.  The ones I didn't get are either super old (and should probably be tossed) and my Rimmel eyeshadow.

To the right of my dresser are the more non-makeup-y items like body products and my scant amount of jewelry.

On top of my little box I have all my head scarves and wraps (which I don't use enough) topped off my my sunglasses case.  Inside the box I have my nail polish and the top of the box thats holding my broaches, which is now holding my bobby pins and hair clips.  Behind that is unused powder puffs.

To the right of that are my body lotions, hair sprays, and two scents.  I should really keep these in my bathroom but my side of the sinks in the bathroom is currently taken up by all  my facial cleansers and lotion that I use when I get right out of the shower.  Maybe I'll move these in there at some point, but I tend to just carry the items I need back and forth (like when I do my makeup, I pick out what I'm going to use that day and bring it in to the bathroom for the mirror).

The plastic case has all my earrings in it, since thats the one piece of jewelry I vary the most.  I have a charm necklace that I wear every day so I don't really mix up my necklaces since they always get tangled, and I don't wear bracelets because they get in my way of drawing/doing whatever art related thing I'm doing.  So earrings are my go to.  Rings are kind of okay, if I wear them on my left hand, which is why I'm slowly building a collection.

So I hoped you liked this peek in to my makeup collection/the top of my dresser!  I always enjoy seeing stuff like this from other bloggers/vloggers so I thought I'd give it a go.  If you ever want a sneaky peek of my bathroom counter/cabinet storage/what's in my shower I could also do that.

Any suggestions?  How do you store your makeup/beauty items?


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