Monday, February 24, 2014


Self-portrait, El Paso, Texas

I'm not going to lie; I didn't discover Rémi Noël's work by some stroke of artistic luck.  I first saw his photographs while browsing through tumblr and they didn't even have a caption or a link back!  However, as soon as I got past how cool these "traveling batman" photos were, I realized that the photos were sophisticated and compositionally beautiful.

While his Batman photos are the most interesting, in my opinion, his other photos are also gorgeous and contain lovely elements as well.  I've included my favorites below.

Photography is definitely not my favorite art form.  I'm constantly skeptical of the medium and what it has become.  Of course, take this with a grain of salt: I primarily draw.  Photography has never been my calling, since I can much more easily use another medium to get my ideas across.  Being so picky with my photography likes, though, makes my love of Rémi Noël's photographs much more important.  I love the contrast and the fact he uses natural light or found lighting paired with long exposure times to create atmosphere in his work.

What I find most interesting is that he is French, finding beauty in the sparse Western-American landscape.  Being from the United States myself, these sorts of landscapes seem to be just another part of the country.  Seeing these sights through the eyes of a foreigner is an eye-opening experience.  Self reflection is always important, whether it applies to your internal being, or the space you surround yourself with.

He says of the theme of traveling in his work,
"I need to go abroad. In France, the scenery looks all too familiar, it doesn't inspire me. I work almost exclusively in the United States because it's not that different from France: it's a modern, Western country – the ingredients are almost the same, but there's always an added hint of exoticism. I travel to the US once a year, on my own, stay ten days and take pictures. Apart from then, I don't walk around with a camera."
He claims on his website bio that he has difficulty speaking about his work, and has published an interview with a friend where he spoke about his process and work as a whole.  Read that here. 

Check out Rémi on his website or shop.


Sweet dreams, Hillsboro, Texas 
Marlboro Light, Galveston, Texas
Pickwick Arms Hotel, New York City, New York
Non-stop beautiful ladies, El Paso, Texas
Beyond the sea, Crete
Horizons, California
Miss you too, Galveston, Texas
Park, New York City, New York
Teddy Bears, Phoenix, Arizona
Poetry Wanted, Albuquerque, New Mexico
In the world of Hopper "Summertime", Albuquerque, New Mexico

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